Ahold Coffee Company – Perla

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Ahold Delhaize Coffee Company wanted to activate their coffee brand, Perla and the wide variety of flavours within the Perla brand.

To connect with their (potential) audience, we created a new modular stand concept that can be used to interact with consumers of the Albert Heijns as well as various events and fairs.

Guest handled the whole creative process, from the creation of the innovative and interactive stand concept, the build of the stand, photography and other marketing materials.

At the company's own winter festival, Allerhande Winter Festival, we launched the concept. In 3 days we reached 36,000 visitors and 12,000 coffees were made and tasted by visitors.

A true showcase of our creativeness, as well as our event savvy. Proud to have been asked by Ahold Delhaize and looking forward to working on Perla and other Ahold Delhaize brands.

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