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We are an independent, creative agency specialized in experiential marketing.

We tell brand stories and create word of mouth for various brands. Our work includes concept development, creation and design, high-end events and brand activation.

Guest is not just another agency, but a hybrid of creativity-driven and execution-strong professionals.

With a passionate team of marketeers, creatives, designers and event specialists we create and deliver memorable concepts and campaigns with passion and conviction.



Guest is full service; from a fresh idea, to creative excellence and solid implementation and execution.

We work for various premium, international brands, but also love to work with local heroes and disruptive players aiming to be (inter)national champions.

Guest has a solid track record in luxury and lifestyle. We also have in-depth knowledge and experience in spirits and beverages.

Guest is founded in 2007 by Mosanne Monod de Froideville and Tapio Pekelharing.




At Guest we love to create bespoke, effective and inspiring campaigns and events for luxury and lifestyle brands.

We worked with some of the world’s leading companies in this area and take great pride in the work we created.

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These days influencers are playing a big part in marketing strategy and on- and offline activation. Guest has relevant experience in strategically adding (micro-)influencers in campaigns to enhance brand awareness. We have a solid network of the right influencers, not only bloggers and online movers and shakers, but also influential entrepreneurs and other persons that may qualify as true ambassadors for your brand.


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We are a creative agency. We use our creativity to come up with the right concept, idea or that gorgeous design.

Our creative team designs and produces brand specific assets and marketing materials. Our work includes branding, graphic, interior,  fair stands, campaign specific promotional material, installations and media related materials.

As a true full service agency, all of our creative work is supported with clear, rational and logical executions. Creative, but we always keep a clear eye on our clients’s strategy, goals, feasibility and return on investment.

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Guest has extensive experience in the spirits and beverages industry. In this sector we are considered the “go-to agency”. Something we are very proud of.

Brands like to tap into our years of experience, strategic knowhow and in-depth knowledge of the industry. For various premium brands in spirit, beer, coffee and soft drinks, we work on marketing and pos materials, on- and off-trade campaigns, creation and implementation of brand activation plans, creation of high end events, product launches, etc.

Many of our campaigns saw a positive enhancement of brand awareness and turned potential consumers into fans. Campaigns often have a direct positive impact on sales figures, sometimes even with triple digits.

Feel free to call or email us, we’ll be happy to show you more of our expertise!

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Great events are the ultimate storytelling experience. We think of, create and manage memorable events that help build the brand story, create brand loyalty and spark up direct sales.

As true event specialists, Guest has a team of very creative, but at the same execution-strong, event professionals at our client’s disposal to create amazing events and live marketing experiences.

Guest makes it happen, right into the nitty, gritty details.

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There are so many descriptions and interpretations for the term “brand activation”. For us it’s about getting people to see, touch and try your brand.

Global brands like to tap into our years of experience at activating brands in various channels and through several methods. Think storytelling, promotional marketing, sampling, guerrilla experiences, tastings, experiential events, influencer engagement, on- and off-trade campaigns, fairs and trade events. We love to enrich brand activations with the use of online technologies and social platforms, blending online and offline together, ultimately engaging even more people during and after the activation.

Our campaigns drive consumer engagement and awareness, turning people into fans and ultimately into ambassadors.




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